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Lock and Key - Sarah Dessen Lock and Key probably is one of my new favorites from Sarah Dessen, next to Just Listen. Well, I love every single book from her and that's 'nuff said! But Lock and Key is different from her other books for the face that this is not the typical summer setting she usually do. But it takes place during the middle of the school year where Ruby transfers from Jackson, a public highschool, to Perkins Day, a private school, after she was sent to live with her sister Cora with her husband Jamie when her mother left her at their yellow house where they lived. Thankfully, the landlords notice her mother's absence and Ruby was sent to social services where she then was sent to her sister. And that's where her story began. How she was able to cope with the changes in her life, to Cora and Jamie, to having new friends, and meeting and understanding Nate, their next door neighbor. i love how Ruby was able to change for the better for the sake of the people she loved and growing some sense into her and had developed a sense of responsibility. I especially love Nate a lot! He is just so cool! He is also very different from other Sarah Dessen boys which were usually the emo-silent-weird type but Nate is what you call the "role model" where he is very popular in school. And I appreciate the slight change in her usual themes. AND, there where also cameos from the previous books, which if you haven't read Lock and Key yet is that you should check it out to find out who I was talking about. :)I am totally giving this book a 5/5 because I really enjoyed this one so much! I cannot wait to read her next books in the future and basically this is the last Sarah Dessen book I have read form her since I've read all her books. I hope she has a book coming out in 2012! :)