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Collision Course - S.C. Stephens I didn't even know where to start with this book, but one thing's for sure, this is so beautiful! S.C. Stephens done it again. He's such a great author about love, lose and chances. This is my 3rd book that I'd read from him next to Thoughtless and Effortless which were both good as well. I admit, this one is a lot more sad. But I love how the author got to expand the grieving part of Lucas and how he's been through after the tragic accident that had happened. On how he focuses on the more realistic part of life on how one feels about a certain event. The author is truly brilliant! I especially cried in this one because it is so freaking sad! I adore Lucas so much on how he loved his friends so much that he really blamed himself a lot of what happened. And I really love the part where their friends appear in the dreams and told him that it's okay to continue living life even after they were gone. That It's better have somebody out there for him that loved him. I really appreciate his friends that they helped him moved on until the end as well as those other people especially the counselor for helping him open up. Gosh, I really cried at the end part where they were really saying goodbye to him.This is a very nice story about love, friends, lost, and grief! With great lessons to be told. ♥☺