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Hold Still - Nina LaCour I know most of us haven't experienced a loss of someone very close to us, especially a best friend. But now I get understand how it feels like if ever that situation happens. It may be sad for a very long time, it may be very difficult to cope up with, but I think at some point there's this realization that everything doesn't stop there, but instead it gives you a chance and hope to keep moving forward. That is what Hold Still is all about. This book talks about Ingrid's suicide and how Caitlin tries to block out everything that surrounds her and thinks about how alone she is and disregards somebody who tries to reach out to her. I know it sounds selfish to her how she doesn't even acknowledge her parents when all they do was just help her go through with it, but it takes a lot to fathom the death of someone very close to her. For a little synopsis tells us that after the suicide happened, it was very hard for Caitlin to go through life knowing she doesn't know where and how to begin it. But then comes Dylan, a new student, who at some point have a story of her own. Without even knowing, they became very good friends and understands each other to what they both are dealing with. Then there's Taylor, who doesn't really show affection to her in a straight-forward manner but we get to know that he's there and he cares. I very much appreciate Caitlin's parents very much on how very compassionate and empathetic they are to their daughter who is dealing something very huge. I love every characters in this book and how they, in the very littlest way, was able to help change and develop Caitlin in a person she was now. The book is deep about dealing on loss, grieve, friendship and love. It is really not that hard to love it and I see myself drawn in every single page in it. I don't really like comparing books and authors that much because it one has there own style but this reminds me of Sarah Dessen on the self-engrossed personality of the characters but with a lot of Ms.LaCour in a different way. I really love the concept of this one especially with all the photography theme because me myself loves taking pictures so much and I at least understands when pictures, colors, contrasts and all that are being discussed. I must say this book is sad from the very beginning but you just find yourself captivated to it, the lessons you get to comprehend and how relatable it is.xx