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Queen of the Dead - Stacey Kade I needed to make a good impression tomorrow, the next day, and for however long after that it took to get and keep Alona...Ally in my life. It just wasn't the same without her And that was what it take for me to burst into tears. :( I can't believe how it became this emotional after the first book. Compared to it though was that it was more light and an easy read but this one is just full of action and emotions. Still the story is fast-paced and glad I was able to finish it in 7 hours minus the breaks. And as expected, Will and Alona's push and pull relationship gives me somersaults, they're so sweet to one another. Queen of the Dead still tells both Will and Alona's perspective. It starts with the both them helping a ghost to get stuffs before the place gets demolished, then it turns out differently and that's when they meet another "ghost-talker",Mina, who took Will's curiosity to find out if there might be other people out there who has the same gift/curse as he has. And that's where everything had started. Will being part of the Order and Alona being stuck in Lily's body. Well, you just have to read it to know... :) After reading book two of The Ghost and the Goth series, I am kind of excited to read the last installment and to know how it would turn out since it was one heck of a cliffhanger. And obviously the biggest question is, How would Will and Alona end up in the end? Well, it's up for me to find out. :) xx