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Unforgettable - Elise K. Ackers Unforgettable is an Aussie book; and I'm all about Aussie books with a white-hot passion. There's something about their writing that's just bloody brilliant, OR probably in their drinking water that makes them very awesome.I don't normally rate contemporary-romance a solid 5 star not unless it really captured my heart. With these adult novels sprouting everywhere, you can't help the predictability of the story, whether you've read it or not, and comparing its similarities with the others. In short, it's hard to find the book that could blew you away and left you contemplating about it afterwards. Somehow, Unforgettable did that to me.The story wasn't that grand or illuminating to some I've read, but I was truly astonished to how much I ended up loving this. Those gestures toward the end was so sweet that if you don't find it very romantic I don't know what did. Only in this book have I read that kind of brilliant idea! That was surely unforgettable. I want to swoon over and again. It was that amazing I am completely seized. Let's be real, books about amnesia is just surreal([b:The Opportunist|13312527|The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1)|Tarryn Fisher|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1338258081s/13312527.jpg|18518411]), because they will also play with you. Not only is that regarding, it had to be covered pretty well all through out the story. With the right dynamics and justification could bring the characters and scenes to life as well as feeling real. So. I was anxious about how this story would go through and the direction of the issues will lead because dealing with memory loss is not a minor problem that can be solved overnight. But what the author did here was rationally done. Connor's situation was understandably covered. He did not regain his memory outright but with bits of pieces he seem to remember. That idea alone made me want to help the guy. And Emma's dwell over her past was, in my opinion, highly unlikely a big dilemma when it was done way back when. But that secret was not something one could overlook, especially for Connor. With his serious unconditional emotion over Emma that nothing else matters is another indication that love is not done perfectly but sometimes with serious complications. Their story was real to the bone, no fluffs or clich├ęs, neither were their asshat characters. Even I see Mark as good guy, when everybody seems to hate him. Other thing I really appreciate about this is that the intimacy, or lack of scenes, was gorgeous. Seldom have we read such full of passion and unbidden feelings that were not conveyed graphically but through the thought and the feel that seep within you. Their soft kisses, warm embraces, late night cuddling... need I say more? That was pure, unadulterated romantic love you got there. This was a great wee hours read. Complete with the heavy winds and a cup of a hot, whipped coffee. Perfect. xx