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The Truth about Forever

The Truth about Forever - Sarah Dessen is most definitely one of the BEST authors I have known so far! She's always done it in her very own way to capture every bit of emotion and present a very deep and likable story. And that's what makes her an amazing author. She brings out the cliche and interpret it in the most vast of explanation.THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER is one of the very cute story with the crushes, first loves, struggling to fit and be perfect, and mourning and grieving over the passing of a loved one. No one could have put all those scenarios in one fitting novel but Sarah most definitely can. I love every story she wrote and always looking forward to acquiring copies of her books. Every time I read her books, it really is something you looks forward to. She has this themes in hers that I really love to know and admire so much. And every time I finished reading her book, I don't find myself picking up another book next but just sit there and think and contemplate on how amazing the book was. I'm not gonna lie to you, but each time I read her books, I wish I was the character and at times I've finished it I find myself cry at how incredible each one was. That's how Sarah Dessen captures my heart! She is truly a great Young Adults author.