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Whose Bed Is It Anyway? - Natalie Anderson Swooooooon! Aah, it's been a long time since I've been satisfied by a sweet, simple read. Whose Bed Is It Anyway? was anything you'd like for a steamy, romantic novel. Care to believe that the whole time I was reading -from start to finish- I can't help but sigh and feel giddy because James and Caitlin were so perfect. I received so much more than what I'd expected. The emotions I felt as the characters does when they're sad or happy. The steam they let on when you thought you couldn't get enough. I've never been surprised to read a very delectable novel and I think it's a great way to end my night, and perhaps bring me to a good night's sleep. Well, I just hope I could rest and to whose bed is it anyway? I wouldn't mind. *wink*ARC provided by the publisher via Netgalley.xx


Obsession - Jennifer L. Armentrout Is it me or her books are starting to steam...
دعاء الأنبياء والصالحين - Muhammad Mutawalli Ash-Sha'raawi Whoa! Glad that's over!I swear I needed a drink after finishing this. This book was a piece of work and gave me a freaking headache with the million dollar question, "Who would it finally be?".
Nocturne - Andrea Randall, Charles Sheehan-Miles I wanted to like, even more so love, this but I really wasn't feeling the relationship at all. I had hoped since the beginning but everything just felt so contrived all of a sudden, and what more with me having a hard time liking Savannah till the end. I liked having strong issues in the book, especially here on the big age difference, but Gregory acted like a freaking 16 year old. I effing loved Charles Sheenan-Miles for co-writing this but man it just wasn't for me. Better luck next time. P.S. Thanks, Marta for sharing your copy to me. We squealed yet failed.
Adam's Obsession - Sabrina York 3.5 stars. Well that was hot.

Words of Lust

Words of Lust - Lise Horton Its funny how the guy was so conceited and full of himself. Thank you, Netgalley.

Things Good Girls Don't Do

Things Good Girls Don't Do - Codi Gary It was surprisingly good! Not what I expected. Review to come! (Fo sho)

Storm Damages (Storm Damages, #1)

Storm Damages (Storm Damages, #1) - Magda Alexander I wouldn't have started it when it's likely associated with This Man (which I haven't read), Fifty Shades of Grey (more like Fifty Shades of Stupidity), and Bared To You (another thing that I completely hate for it's, yes, stupidity). What is up with these books. So yeah, surprise there when I decided to give this one a try. Storm Damages read like any other twisted romance, alpha dominating hero, a hopelessly in love female. There attraction was instant with him staking claim on her on their fist meet and wanting to have her any way he likes in any where in wants. Nothing new there. Again, the heroine sounds like a pain when her monologue talks more about him and his hot bod, his big, strong, junk, and how much she likes to do it with him. Likewise with him. Again, typical. So I started skimming parts that I find a waste of good read.Surprisingly things turned to something good, interesting even. Where Gabriel is so much more than a big shot billionaire. I loved that this is not all out dominating and Gabriel has a sweet, tender side that I really loved to see. And also Elizabeth has gradually grew out to standing more to herself when she first let out. Storm Damages was hot (no doubt there) and has a good premise with full of surprises. What's gasping was the ending! Okay, I did not see that coming and I can not wait for the next book! And the hell? It'll take place six months later? What happens to six months prior? There better be a good timeline. xx
The Space In Between - Brittainy C. Cherry MEH.Darn, I was looking forward to this and it was no way better than a godawful NA. I instantly hate both characters and wth is with the plot?! It's insubstantial. Admittedly, I was mildly interested with the premise but I guess that's were the good part ended. Sigh.

The Darkest Part (Living Heartwood)

The Darkest Part (Living Heartwood) - Trisha Wolfe 4.5 stars. Review to come.

Unspoken (The Woodlands)

Unspoken - Jen Frederick ARC provided by the publisher through Netgalley.I haven't read the first book but was approved of the second so I thought of giving it a try, also I was interested with the premise. Surprisingly, the writing started off good and stayed with that prose til the end. I know this massive genre, NA, was so overrated with its booming and non-stop publishing of new books (same old story) almost everyday but finding it hard to find what is quite passable of everybody's taste. So yeah, I think the story was fine. The characters were okay but with a little realistic thought thrown in, though I would've minded some insignificant parts which, honestly, bored me much later in the novel. I also appreciated he fact that both characters were flawed and not one of them felt helpless with the other trying to continuously save the other. What was interesting enough was when the issue opened up, it was dealt in the end. Typical happily ever after. xx

If You Leave (Beautifully Broken, #2)

If You Leave (Beautifully Broken, #2) - Courtney Cole I liked the first one better.

The Distance Between Us

The Distance Between Us - Kasie West Gaah! I love this so much! Caymen's witty sarcasm and Xander's charm just does it. Review soon.
A Perfect Mess (A Perfect Secret #1) - Zoe  Dawson Superb writing style and awesome characters! What more could I ask for? :)
Just One Day - Gayle Forman Argh! So good! That ending! Review to come.
Silver Heart - Victoria  Green This novel was so heavy on the romance side, though I lost count on how many times they'd done it - any manner in any way - I thought the story was good. I managed to hold on to it because I liked how it started, and in all fairness the Girl was at least sensible (but only in a matter of time when she's not melting in a puddle of lust). Ofcourse, unarguably, the guy was sex on a stick. When he wants it, he gets it. Every.Freaking.Time.