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Unspoken - Jen Frederick ARC provided by the publisher through Netgalley.I haven't read the first book but was approved of the second so I thought of giving it a try, also I was interested with the premise. Surprisingly, the writing started off good and stayed with that prose til the end. I know this massive genre, NA, was so overrated with its booming and non-stop publishing of new books (same old story) almost everyday but finding it hard to find what is quite passable of everybody's taste. So yeah, I think the story was fine. The characters were okay but with a little realistic thought thrown in, though I would've minded some insignificant parts which, honestly, bored me much later in the novel. I also appreciated he fact that both characters were flawed and not one of them felt helpless with the other trying to continuously save the other. What was interesting enough was when the issue opened up, it was dealt in the end. Typical happily ever after. xx