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Storm Damages (Storm Damages, #1) - Magda Alexander I wouldn't have started it when it's likely associated with This Man (which I haven't read), Fifty Shades of Grey (more like Fifty Shades of Stupidity), and Bared To You (another thing that I completely hate for it's, yes, stupidity). What is up with these books. So yeah, surprise there when I decided to give this one a try. Storm Damages read like any other twisted romance, alpha dominating hero, a hopelessly in love female. There attraction was instant with him staking claim on her on their fist meet and wanting to have her any way he likes in any where in wants. Nothing new there. Again, the heroine sounds like a pain when her monologue talks more about him and his hot bod, his big, strong, junk, and how much she likes to do it with him. Likewise with him. Again, typical. So I started skimming parts that I find a waste of good read.Surprisingly things turned to something good, interesting even. Where Gabriel is so much more than a big shot billionaire. I loved that this is not all out dominating and Gabriel has a sweet, tender side that I really loved to see. And also Elizabeth has gradually grew out to standing more to herself when she first let out. Storm Damages was hot (no doubt there) and has a good premise with full of surprises. What's gasping was the ending! Okay, I did not see that coming and I can not wait for the next book! And the hell? It'll take place six months later? What happens to six months prior? There better be a good timeline. xx