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What Happened to Goodbye - Sarah Dessen This is one great book, I swear. I love Mclean Sweet so much. She's not that bitchy, brat, selfish kind that a usual character be when dealing with a divorce. She's well, sweet and kind. ☺ I usually end up reading a Sarah Dessen book for about 2 days because it's usually long but clearly I just finished it for a day. Gosh, I really cannot tell how awesome this book is. I don't even know why I doesn't have much of a rate. But for me, definite 5 star.I really love the characters how everybody just got together and became friends, not minding the clique or to what your standing in life was. That's what's great about Sarah Dessen is, the tendency to bring everyone together and create them to become a family. I most especially like Gus, Mclean's dad, and Opal. Totally unexpected for them to be together and it was so cute. Also for Ellis and Riley :) But the cutest of all was Dave and Mclean. They we're not kidding, not letting distance come apart. I am lost for words right now on how I wanted to describe this book but maybe my little review above be enough. Wohoooooooooo! ☺