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Nevermore - Kelly Creagh I am never too aware of this Edgar Allan Poe and his contribution to literacy but after reading Nevermore, I was in awe of how good his poetry is. Then I got down to Google him and yep, as what was described in the book was exactly how I pictured him. It is amazing that reading even a young-adult science-fiction could open you through some of the great works done by the legends and I think it is helpful information enough to know that they existed and be introduced in their works. I was so giddy to start Nevermore asap, and what I can say is that this book did not disappoint me in the least. It's totally a page turner and I just finished it within a day *proud*. I was all too curios about the whole cheerleader-goth relationship and to think how cliché this kind of themes have been used several times. But Nevermore is totally different from what I've read. Well, aside from the fact that this is more like a science fiction novel, the characters are somewhat new to me. There's Isobel Lanley, your typical cheerleader with a her all-to-popular boyfriend, but what I didn't know is that she's one tough chick. She isn't the clingy-submissive type of heroine. I like that she has her own beliefs and has a strong-willed personality. And how she's concerned for the people around her, and she's a responsible, kind and a sweet girl. Then Varen Nethers (ohhh Varen), people think his the weird, silent type, goth guy. But he had secrets buried inside him that people didn't know and only Isobel had the chance to change everything he believed things to be. I like how Varen never send mixed signals toward Iso, and how he thought of himself as someone to never messed up with. And the thought that through his lanky form, he could be so hot! Again, all too typically that everything started when Isobel and Varen got paired for an English project and that they have to work it together. Over the course of them working together for it, they discovered one another in each other eyes and soon to develop the push and pull between the two of them. That even if not intending to, they fell to one another. Nevermore is such a great book, that everything is so detailed and you could really see how hard it is to pull of a book, especially a sci-fi one. I love Ms.Kelly's writing style, her whole concept in putting everything in a perfect manner. That despite the overused theme, she managed to pull it off. I especially love those secondary characters that added life to the book: Isobel's very kind parents, Danny's wit humor, Gwen's eccentric personality, and Reynolds very mysterious streak. I cannot wait for the sequel,Enshadowed. This fist book has left you hanging and in doubt of what to happen next. xx