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Caleb + Kate - Cindy Martinusen-Coloma I never thought I could read this one, but then, I got lucky enough to purchase this book at a bargain bookstore. Awesome! I was actually having a hard time to rate this book whether giving this a 4 or a 5 but then decided on a 4.5, not bad. I actually thought this is all too cliche for me. That Caleb is your average bad boy with the I-hate-you-from-the-start-and-that-our-family-is-up-against-each-other towards Kate, and that Kate is all spoiled-brat type of girl that could have her way because she too rich and popular for a normal person. But I thought wrong. I actually loved this book! I never really thought I would appreciate this one after reading a couple of pages in the beginning. I totally admired how Caleb is so sweet and all too gentlemanly to Kate despite their family's differences. I love how he was able to understand and accept Kate and how he was able to change even a bit of her life. How the build up of trust to one another is very important to them and I swear I've learned something about it. I was a bit jealous at how dreamy Caleb is and how kind he is, totally not what I have expected before reading this book. I had a hard time connecting with Kate though. Sometimes I like how she realizes the love building up between them and that she is willing to fight her way for the both of them. But I find of think she was rather selfish when Caleb decides to go back to Hawaii to tend for his grandfather who has cancer, she immediately rushes this thought that they'll be nothing left for them ones Caleb leaves. I mean, what about trust and faith? Thank God Caleb is always there to clear things up. Wheeew. And there's this revelation that I haven't expected at all! Totally good.Anyway, overall I loved this book. Totally not what I expected at first and glad I was able to read it at the right time. One thought though, I LOVE CALEB! 'Nuff said =)