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Find You in the Dark (Find You in the Dark, #1)

Find You in the Dark (Find You in the Dark, #1) - A. Meredith Walters Once more, I have struggled with this genre. It always manage to deceive me time and again and how could it not when the blurb looks very interesting and plainly resonates with your present life. But after encountering tons, I realized this is not how teens act. At all. I don't remember being superficially bitchy and dramatic over trivial stuffs, even if it's about boys. Pleeeaaase.I guess I could say Maggie and Clay's relationship scared me. I understand him and his "condition" but I don't see myself wanna get involved with that; always having this hot-and-cold relationship and the girl trying to amend with everything. To others that might be true love but to me it's self-destruction. Another thing, I don't think I could get past with is the writing. It's inconsistent, infantile, and very melodramatic without putting much emotion to it. Also, the story drags toooo loooong talking about nonsense. It's very angsty and a lot is happening but tends to be left undone. Long story short: I don't like the MC. Her friends and everybody around her were just plain annoying and that's why I had to stop and thought I could pick it up again when the mood strikes. Turns out, I didn't feel remotely different than what I have initially felt when I started. I just feel sorry I didn't enjoy it as much as others did and seeing huge five star ratings for this. I'm sorry but this is just not for me. It left me very uncomfortable to not even look forward with what will happen next. xx