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Fractured Light - Rachel McClellan It's really not that bad. I actually liked it that I am convinced to read the sequel. Yeay! :)At first I was life "what the heck am I reading?" I can't put my mind into it. Too many things going on at the same time and was hardly able to focus on one thing. But that what brings the story more to life. I was thinking: Not again. Another lonesome new-girl with special ability and a popular, good-looking young man. Really? Doesn't things get more cliché? But no, that doesn't even stop there. I was actually surprised at how events turned up to be. I admit, I was kinda hanging on to know who the "mysterious stranger" was. Though I have slight guesses, I actually got it right. I know it had to be him. Well, partly he is one of my guesses. :D During the first half of the story, it kinda fell flat to me. Just another, not really boring but closer to it, plot about Llona trying to identify her ability to control light. Then comes *swoon Christian being all-too-dreamy and that you think they'd just get it on. That's when you get to the second half of the story where you are suddenly being pulled to it that you can't tear your eyes out of it. It was actually very good that you didn't actually expect THAT to happen. Really, this one sure puts me in a good day. One moment I feel annoyed at Llona for being too shy and stingy, especially to Christian. Then suddenly she becomes my favorite person in the book. Her whole personality was instantly replaced to being so funny, sarcastic, and laugh out loud hilarious (i know they're synonyms, she really was amusing). It's like she turned out to be a much better person than being too introvert. I suddenly forgot she was a shy girl at the beginning. So the story sometimes whips you to another point that you wonder what the idea really is. Fractured Light has the even amount of funny antics, spookiness, and romance that you would want in a fantasy novel. I rate it as 3.5 out 5 because well..... let's just say I liked it and is excited for the second book. That's why they have sequels right? To ease the anxiety and anticipation build-up. EVERYBODY WOULD WANT TO READ THIS. IT'S VERY LIKABLE! ☺THANK YOU VERY MUCH NETGALLEY FOR THE AWESOME ARC!!! :)xx