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Shadows - Jennifer L. Armentrout Isn't prequels supposed to be read first? But no, I jumped to Obsidian and clearly missing a ton of the good parts.Seriously if I read this first I wouldn't have judged Daemon for being such an asshat in Obsidian. Now I realized why he is so tight as a belt towards Dee, and very arrogant on Katy. But enough about that.Shadows really made an impression on me. I was captivated by the magnificent force and enchanting... oh who was I kidding! This story rocks over a hundredth time! I am actually starting to love this new eternal damnation that are Aliens. Boy they really bring out a lot of hotness in the scene. And with that I made up my mind--Dawson all the way. The run through of the book is quite typical, really. New girl, new town. But that doesn't stop where your judgments left out. It's on the flow and the progress of the relationship; friends/family/lover, & the amount of dramatic tension that had been met. In short, this is very GREAT. I happen to like Beth and Dawson to begin with. Their personality is not superficial or unnerving in a sense like "you give them that smile as if you're about to eat them alive" kind, never the shallow type. In fact it's the total opposite. I love the relationship they were going through and what they're about to pursue even though it sucks it ended before it even started. I am really hoping things would turn out good between them soon in the series because I sure want to know more about what happened to them. I am just glad I appreciated this book, even better than Obsidian though, mainly because of Daemon. But he created a soft spot for me to admire his audacity to take care of his family especially on their well-being and trying to keep them as safe as a Hen covers her eggs. (Okay, where are this strange things in my head coming form?! Better stop.)In other related news: I was happy I finished this in no less time. Or else I sure be procras-ing again. :) xx