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Bared to You  - Sylvia Day The book has a lot of fuckery. That I know of. And I'm not liking most of it. But it taught me a thing or two.Geez. I'm not among the others who seem to enjoy this. I feel intimidated the whole time I was reading book, but crazy enough to finish it. I really wanted to know how it ended anyway. The problem with my not liking was the fact that they hit it off right away without even official introductions. And Gideon shows possessiveness and obsessiveness on their earlier meetings which was very creepy for me. Another problem for me was Eva. Her first empression on Gideon was: He's a God. Really?! I thought she's suppose to act professionally considering she landed a amazing job on an illustrious company, but she acts otherwise. She's being over the top, immature, and can't seem to get a hold of herself. I was actually hoping I'd enjoy this since I'm not much of a Fifty Shades fan, thought this might be something different. Still, I'm not liking it. The protagonist gets on my nerves every time she opens her mouth, or even getting in her subconscious mind. She complains a lot and blasts heavy jealous rage and stalks off which I think was a very unpleasant character. I wonder how Gideon puts up with all her drama and issues. Of course, what good does this novel offers without a blast from the past. Okay, I seem to have a lot of problem with the book that might as well get to it. So, both our characters have major issues. I was happy to know that the story is finally getting into something. But then again, the thing that the characters had, and should have to be dealt with, was ignored! I can't say I'm relieved or glad for them. But how could they establish their want of each other when they're not even freaking open to one another! Then again, the jealousy Eva feels and the domineering way Gideon shows was enough for me and wants to barf and smack their heads.You see, sex -consensual or not- is imperative in these kinds of books, and doing so is important with motive as it should be. But doing it to get away or trying to fix things is highly unreasonable. Gideon and Eva are doing it anytime and anywhere, which you thought is sweet then it makes you sick. They seem to have a routine actually: their mad, they fuck. They took off, they fuck. Their together, they fuck. Their in the office, they fuck. I can't imagine the stamina. Then again, one feels emotionally invested while the other feels content and complete: "i felt him withdrawing,the connection between us slipping further and further away. Confused and stung. I pulled on my gloves and tried to figure out what went wrong." - moments after their heavy sex on the limo. "I can't go long you, Eva. You're and addiction...my obsession."I thought there's nothing really good coming out off this but Gideon was becoming a pleasurable character in the latter, enough for me to convince that he has potential: "I've been love before, by other women...But what the hell do they know about me? What the hell are they in love with when they don't know how fucked up I am? If that's, it's nothing compared to what I feel for you."I'm beginning to like him. He's trying to please Eva anyway he can. Physically and emotionally. And that says a lot. Good to know he's way more different than Christian Grey, in a good way, since people compares the two.And he kinda convinced me to read book two which couldn't come sooner.xx