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This Girl (Slammed, #3)

This Girl (Slammed, #3) - Colleen Hoover I met a girl.A beautiful girl.And I fell for her.I fell hard.Unfortunately, sometimes life gets in the way.Hmm. What to say about This Girl?It's still..Cute, Sweet, JoyfulBut other times itsBittersweet.These guys. This girl. And This Boy.They've been through hell and backStarted out as friendsTo Lovers To Family.And they've been through hell and back.This girl. In love with the boy she can't have.Seriously, who can hate this series?Will especially?Not me.Read the first two booksAnd I ask whyDoes it have to have a third?When it's the Happily Ever AfterThat we can get. But getting it through Will's POV,Telling us about his LakeWas pretty something.I guess there's still something we didn't see;Something we didn't realize;Something we didn't feel.The heartbreakThe acceptanceThe love.So for me, I liked it.It moved meIt made me laughIt made me sadBut, it also made me Butterflying happy.A very nice touch for a The End.If there's something This series has taught meitsYouOnlyLiveOnce!Life is trying to tell meThat the girl I love?The girl I fellSo hard for?There's room for her in first.I'm putting her first.xx