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A Song for Julia - Charles Sheehan-Miles If somebody tells this is going to win me back to the NA genre, I would have said 'Unlikey'. Guess I spoke too soon. This was a complete surprise because the first book, [b:Just Remember to Breathe|15827731|Just Remember to Breathe|Charles Sheehan-Miles|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1344935447s/15827731.jpg|21560730], wasn't pleasing me much for my comfort. As much as I like romantic reads I really don't want that to be the only thing there is. I wanted something with a story to tell and emotions to evoke and characters to empathize with. Something that you could actually think through after you were finished. And thank goodness that's what I got from A Song for Julia.Lately, I have been hugely disappointed with the New Adult genre because it tends to focus in only one thing -- sexual attractions. And honestly it gets old and personally it just makes me want to gag everytime. We're lucky enough if they'd go somewhere that's worth looking forward to, but if not, it'll be a shame in skimming parts because those parts were intended to be written and to be read. I though New Adult would be more engaging and more provocative than YA but then I think YA is still top notch when it comes to the category. And seeing my first impression with this author, I almost want to skip this book since nothing will be new. Only almost. “Sometimes things aren't what they appear. We all have hurts that we don't show."The story was quite powerful when you really look at it. It's not just about Julia and Crank volleying each others thoughts about wanting/not wanting to be with each other. It goes so much deeper than that, deeper where the girl has major issues she wants to be free from and an incident she's surreptitious with while the guy wants something big for his life and at the same time attending to someone very precious to him. Clearly with these two, they're a juxtaposition of seeing life in a different angle. A Song for Julia wasn't really incredibly different that it's nearly life-changing. Only I find the story heavy. There are a lot of issues/problems involving the characters that are not to be joked about. Like how Julia has major trust issues and why she's indifferent to those familial with her. What she's been through was very appealing to me especially when it involves abuse whether physically or emotionally. Her story makes me so glad I am simply living under my parents constant care and protection. Stories like this doesn't get written everyday and most diffidently wouldn't be played right. I also appreciate Crack's character. He's not just some angry, bashing front man player in the group. What he does after every show, going home to take care of his brother who has Asperger, was substantial. The way how much Sean blames himself for his disorder is very heartbreaking. It kills me(metaphorically) everytime he acts with his tantrums because no kid should be put in that so much pressure. I didn't know what Asperger syndrome is until this but on the upside people has this are bright and kinda entertaining. Ohh I want to give him a hug for being so special. I find myself teary a couple more times because some most scenes are just that good. Whoa! I clearly judged this author when he made something out of the box for a change. He's really done this wonderfully with informations he surely knew what. I don't usually say this often but what Julia and Crank had been through and what they were about to conquer was sorta an inspiration, or something. What they deal with was tough. If you just look beyond the surface than the underlying context with these people, you would really see a beautiful story. One that's intense and moving and strong and everything synonymous with poignant then that's your gist. xx