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A Happy Accident - Evan Tyler It's really hard to figure out this book. For me it started out very odd because who proposes marriage to a person you just met, in a bar no less, yet somehow worked its way around it at some point. And what they did wasn't even a joke (because darn it was he serious), but it was funny. For some reason I feel a protective nature to both Bobby and Kindle. They started living their lives so young, making decisions for themselves and fending for everyday. What they did, the impulsive act they agreed upon on, was a bold move that neither of them knew what they were actually doing but him keeping in mind that he really loved her and wants to really be with her, while she has a past she can't quit wrap her mind around and searching for who she really was. Bobby was an idealist. He believes in the power of music and that it moves him. He passion for music was brought him to a new place, and it somehow brought him to Kindle. I don't know how to place Bobby only that he has such a great character, outstanding even. He's so noble, kind, so caring and loving. I want my own Bobby, too. While Kindle was a realist. But I also guess she fears commitment - since she lost the only person she so dearly loved and that she managed to be by herself most of her life. I want to say that she's strong, resilient and a fighter because she really was.I did not cry unlike some readers endured but I was sadden. If I've learned something from this book it's that choices have to be made, one way or another. Those choices may be of an advantage or just the opposite, but it has to be done for a person to really see the life they were after. You may or may not disappoint a person along the way, however it helps you grow, learn, and be the person you've wanted to be.This book was slow but very thorough. It's realistic. It flows through the play by play on what is happening in with them and what they've been thinking; even an infinitesimal detail was an important part of the whole that is A Happy Accident. If I were to describe this book I'd say it's eclectic. As I'd mentioned above, the book was unpredictable to what will happen next, so some turns in this book doesn't fail to surprise me. I will give credit to Ms. Tyler for always keeping me on edge here. She's a brilliant writer, like you could really see she has something going on with her. That said, I am very much looking forward on how this story continues. I want to discover a more prominent act of love, life, and redemption, because you know, I have a weakness for beauiful but sad things.A copy generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.xx