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The Indigo Spell - Richelle Mead What better way to celebrate your Valentine's but with heaven that is Adrian Ivashkov.“Well, you can think what you want, so long as you remember—no matter how ordinary things seem between us—I’m still here, still in love with you, and care about you more than any other guy, evil or otherwise, ever will."*Will mostly gush and not much story cover-up. ;)When you get to the last page of Golden Lily, I'm pretty sure you'd go manic over THAT ENDING. (Who doesn't?) So, it's clearly no surprise that The Indigo Spell is one of the most anticipated book to be released this year. If you're like me, you're probably clawing to have the book in your hands as soon as we were left with what just happened. Added to the excitement was the cover reveal as well as having suspicions over who the other boy on the cover is. Right? And what about with our lovely couple, Sydney and Adrian? What ever happened to them? I know I have a lot of questions and so much excitement that how I was able to stay sane, I don't know. Only that I have so much passion for these two right here. You think after that very intense cliffhanger from book 2, Richelle Mead couldn't get any meaner. Well, she just did. Again. With this one. It's not really a cliffhanger, per se. But things are finally picking up with our adorable couple, getting all hot and heavy and a lot of panting, then it ended which left me anticipating (again) what will happen to them when there's something or someone that might keep them apart. Oh, the dilemma. I swear, this two will be the death of me.The thing that really kept me in the fuzz with this is that I have a massive liking to character, most especially Sydney Sage. Sydney, you see, is the type of character I could mostly relate with, among any heroine out there, in a matter of way or thinking. (I don't claim to be as super smart as she, but I wish!) She is always this voice of reason, contemplating about what would or would not happen to the action she'd do, with the things she'd make, and all that. She's not strong but she's will-driven. She (mostly) followed the rules, being a big follower to others ahead of her, and she is always learning without her really noticing it. Being so analytically inclined rather than impulsive. The way she's so naive about tons of things and to those that surrounds her truly reminds me of myself that whenever I read certain scenes of her I can't help but say 'I know that's wrong, but it's probably what I would also do.' Even before Bloodlines happen, I know the moment I read about her that she's my kind of character. Who doesn't want need their very own Adrian? With all these awesome heroes ruling the hearts in a lot of women, Adrian is likely one of the few who really managed to sweep me of my feet. And that's no easy task. I gush and fawn over some but not as heavy to what I feel for him. He's the type of guy I would certainly fall in love with; and I bet he's a very good lover. If there will Adrian giveaway, I am definitely the first in line. Heck, I'd probably camp overnight to have my stakes high. I'd cat-fight over him to prove my point, and let him win some arguments rationally. He is really an amazing character, what with his wit and charm, one that you could never go wrong with.I can say that whatever conflict you have with this series I can only hope you are bewitched with Adrian. Dude, he is mighty fine! He's so gorgeous and insanely hot that I wonder how Sydney kept from melting around him. You thought words couldn't get any better, but action still speaks louder than words and these two are raising the bar temperature high. A lot of things had happened here, with a new set of characters you would either love or hate. What kept nagging in my mind was the fact the Sydney is the go-to girl and everybody keeps on relying on her, calling her attention over things, and situations are piling up above her head. Sometimes I just want to scream 'You little shit, give her a freaking break.' I can't believe she has a lot under her but she managed to have everything under control. Of course, what else could go wrong when you have Adrian by your side, always the second half.Favorite moments...with Adrian:Five words later, I realized what was happening. “Hey,” I told him. “I am not doing this.”He looked up at me with angelic eyes. “Doing what?”“You know what. You’re luring me in. You know I can’t resist—”“Me?” he suggested.A terrible thought came to me. “Oh God. She probably thinks we were off doing—you know—romantic type, um, things—”That amused Adrian far more than it should have. “See, there you go again. That’s the first thought that comes to your mind.” He shook his head melodramatically. “I can’t believe you keep accusing me of being the obsessed one.”“It might save you from getting your pretty face wrecked. How much styling did you have to do to get your hair like that?”“At least I brush my hair,” said Adrian.Sigh...xx