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The Opportunist (Love Me With Lies, #1) - Tarryn Fisher Drama bomb! I was so curious with all the hype over this that even a favorite author of mine reviewed it, and reviewed it good. So I thought I should take a shot at this. I'm not kidding, this was a good, romantic, sassy and emotional story. At times it had me laughing so hard, then, bawling myself for the heaviness. I admit, I find some parts so good and some parts bad, which makes me want to stop reading it. But I am convinced with "a half-finish book is like a half-finish relationship" and partly I was curious on how this would turn out to be, whether good or bad, I'll just have to take my chances. Before,I read this book with the characters also named Olivia and Caleb. Weird. Moving on, I adored Olivia at first, she is so witty and sassy and makes the sarcastic retorts every time it comes out her mouth. But my feelings towards her changed in the latter, she makes me feel intimidated and mad at her, for all the wrong choices and decisions she'd made. The thought that she keeps flinging herself to the past life she clearly needs to move on to. She has given a lot of opportunity to build herself up again but she's being selfish and self-centered! The first cut is the deepest, I know. But sometimes I think that if it never really works out, it will never be no matter how many times you try to fix it out. Coz the past is always going to hunt you. Actually, I am both mad at Caleb and Olivia. They were liars and opportunists in their own way. I feel strongly for Caleb, even before I knew the truth. For me he's a noble guy (no wonder Olivia could never move on). I pretty much think they were so good to be together.Half-way through the book, I feel bored, I'm sorry. But I can't keep up Liv anymore. She just can't get over with it. But I swear to God I hadn't seen the last chapter and the Epilogue coming. I never thought I would say this, but, I CRIED! There I said it. It was a sad, sobbing cry. And I feel sorry for the both of them. But I knew that eventually they'd be happy even if it's not with each other. I take my first step and then my second and right before the door closes, I look once more over my shoulder. Caleb is still under the tree, he winks at me, and I smile.I still thought the story is great! Gahd, I'm feeling torn right now. I need to get a tissue. xx