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The Only Exception - Magan Vernon Um, so, yeah. I don't know what just happened. Usually when I finish a book in mere hours it would mean that I'm totally hooked and just read til I drop, but in this case, I end up skimming half-way through the end. I honestly thought the idea of the book was awesome and it's something I really wanted to read albeit it being an NA. The girl being fierce and a guy who stands to his own opinion, both their worlds met and clashed. But I'm sorry to say this, I was really bored. The writing was loose, the characters were inconsistent on what they are generally and theoretically. Their relationship would have been better had it remained purely civil rather romantically. I don't see the sparks fly, the sweetness of their company, much less a chemistry between them. I am very much disagreeable to Monica Remy's attitude -- she's stuck-up and a bit hypocrite, and a bit immature -- while Trey doesn't stray from the conceited, immaturity level as well. I guess I expected, if not a lot, a little something out of it. With the basis of the headstrong point on a particular issue, then it would have been a bit more interesting. I just can't get past the lack of thought that would probably do more to this story.