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Fix You - Mari Carr I don't claim this to be one-of-the-best-book-evah but GAHH! I can't help it. It really liked it. Maybe I'm biased and all but I think it's one of those books read at the right time. I realized I needed this right now.I started this half thinking this will be another typical contemporary romance full of fluffs & clich├ęs expecting nothing more, nothing less. Lately I rate adult contemporary reads not more than 4 stars because even if how long the story drags, I still find it very predictable and characters annoy me on hours on end. So surprise, surprise what guilty pleasure I stumbled upon Fix You. I was fond of Zoey and Robbie's story. I've never read this kind of prose from an average contemporary story for a time now, where it deals with a serious subject and was handled accordingly. Her matter with cancer were never made easy and it's clear in the story that it's where everything is going. I love the engrossing articulate pace and the consorting sense of consistency. The important bits were well covered. It's not a tear-jerker but quite emotional all the same. Sex scenes were few but so HOT, so everybody is good to go. I love every character present! Zoey and Robbie are already a given. The wine girls (cool name) are adorable. Each have different takes on life with unique personalities. I sense these ladies have a story to tell all on their own, and am expecting theirs will be equally as good. I'm definitely continuing this series. It's a shame it was just a short read because I really like the story. The writing really made up for it. It was well-written, great characterization - where they don't irritate you all through out -, a little emotional, and of course, the romance was very good. *wink*Did I mention the writing was impressive? 'He'd spent a lifetime running the wrong race. He didn't want to be a rock star. He wanted to be hers.''There was something in the way he moved that made her feel fine.'"Life moves so fast, things change. Sometimes I think our job in this planet is to hold on so we don't get thrown off the ride.""Hold on? What happens when you're too tired to do that?""You let someone else help. And you take off from work until you find your strength again.""You really don't mind?""A couple of scars? No, Zoey. There are million things I love about you and none of them disappear because of those marks. Christ, call me a kinky bastard, but they actually turn me on a little bit.""That's a suspicious smile."His grin grew, "I just thought of a new song I want to write".Zoey rolled her eyes, "Awesome. I'm lying here so fucking blown away I'm struggling to remember my own name and you're composing music in your head. I clearly suck at sex."xx