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Someone to Love - Addison Moore This has all kinds of weirdness. From the foolish art class to the fact that they are romantically involved when they have a student/teacher going on along with her very own preposterous syllabus especially made just for her. I mean, didn't this dude got the memo about the non-fraternization policy. I'm pretty sure it was established way before he was born.And I thought this girl was practically engaged to another man since she was a toddler that her mom set up. It was ridiculous! And now she has a relationship with her teacher who happens to be the brother she was originally betrothed to. And of course, let's not forget about how the validity of stupidity that is in this genre. Long story short, this runs smoothly along the lines of cheating, idiocy, and too much sex, otherwise okay.In other related news: It was fun. I was hooked at the beginning. *wink*