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Consequences - Aleatha Romig What's new?Nothing really. You know, the typical Alpha male with his damsel in distress. Where the man abducts the woman and uses her for his own pleasure, wherever he wanted, whenever he need. I think I'm reading too much of this capture/captive cases lately.BUT WAIT! There's really something going on here! What makes these kind of reads that doesn't tire me at all was the fact that it boggles my mind, could caught me off guard and plays with my senses. Not necessarily in that order. Truly, abduction stories are so overrated but I barely know what will happen. I mean, I get she was abducted and ends with her being free but what transpires in the middle always interests me more so through the stretch of the story. I get that nothing is too typical in these scenarios so I enjoyed Consequences but not much to what I would have hoped to happen. Yet, it was good nonetheless. Just a little hint: Even if this falls under the category Erotica, don't expect a very hot, steamy, sexy loving details because it's pretty vague. It was graphically mild that you wouldn't put much thought to it. Like I said, this had caught me off guard. Firstly, the lack of too much sexual elaboration that could practically drag on for pages after pages was nonexistent. I liked that it could be described in just a paragraph or two. Next, Stockholm Syndrome will always be present, whatever the case may be. And for this, it felt natural but I tend to question the miss of the woman's thorough thinking if she really wants what had happened to her, or was she just caught up with the events. Then, the mystery. This book actually centers on mysterious acts and suspicious incidents that for once I never question the absence of the perpetually erotic acts that we get to read much on adult books, but to what was really going on in the story. I love the much added mystery to it even though it kinda sucks that I get to figure it out midway. Honestly, through the above synopsis who wouldn't be too inquisitive in this regard? I did. So when I started reading, I have a hard time putting it down. It says here it was a 300+ page novel yet in my reader shows 600+ pages so I started getting anxious why the too many pages. We covered that I liked it and will proceed with Truth asap, but when I was in the middle of my reading, I tend to just skim the paragraph that I thought was inconsequential and focuses on the topic at hand. I noticed that some scenes had a bit too much information that I personally think was unnecessary as it would be needless. I'm not much to tell about what goes on in the story, neither was I to elaborate on scenes that struck me so much because I'm no good at that. I want to say was that everything that happened in this story was incredible. I see that Appearances took a huge part on the book in which it reflects to oneself and on how important it could be. Whether for that to be good or bad. That much I can tell. I see that this was last year's book but I just knew about this know. Let me tell you about the writing: It was written in a sophisticated tone that it's probably a part of why I liked this aside from the hatred I have for Tony with a white hot passion. And clearly the author is well praised in her eloquence and provocative writhing skills. Declaimer: I've put off 4 books I am currently reading because I was entirely curious about this and tons of GR readers seem to really love it to the nth degree. I'm glad for that decision. xx