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Skin Deep - Laura Jarratt Skin Deep is a good YA debut novel that deals with loss, love, and acceptance. That said, it's not really a heavy book which the characters doesn't dwell too much on what's going on with their lives rather seeing it as it is. This book is told from both Jenna and Ryan's POV and I can say I was impressed with how their characters stand out form each other and what one thought did not repeat with the other like how other books like this were. THE PLOT.I think the plot was okay. Though I have some misgivings as to how it was written with such young characters. Too young for the actions they do, think, and act since Jenna was only 14 and Ryan 16. Jenna was greatly scarred after the accident that happened to her that leaves two friends dead, then she lament over what became of her, afraid of how others will see her and how she's judged. Yet about halfway through the story, her scar was altogether forgotten, in my opinion. It gradually became her'sand Ryan's life scenes. While she tries to consider in building herself again, Ryan on the other hand ponders on how to deal with the case with his mother. These two here has a serious heavy burden to carry. THE CHARACTERS.Ryan and Jenna deals with some ridicule in their life with him being a traveler and how people see it as someone violent, not to be trusted, yet he proved he only means well, while she has to deal with the person she despised that lead her to be what she become. But when Ryan talks about having sex and tits and such, it doesn't escape me. It makes me want to send him to school for being a little misguided. And seriously, Ryan is a little too aggressive, intense, and so full of himself which gladly the girl knows and thought about beating him in the head to grow some sense. It was cute yet too much. THE MYSTERY.About the mystery, we know it would happen but it was a surprise, really, when it was suddenly thrown into the mix. Somewhere during the questioning I have the slight knowledge of who did it. But it was still fun trying to uncover it with them with all the inquiries and forensic stuff. OVERALL.It was a fun read If you want your teens coming on strong and aggressively cute. If you aren't bothered with them thinking mature thoughts, especially him. It doesn't really ponder about the theme, in which I was disappointed, rather having it as it come. I say, just enjoy the story and enjoy Ryan. xx