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Broken - Megan Hart SENSUAL & HEART BREAKINGSadie is broken by the way things in her life turns out to be. To deal with her incapable husband. Dealing with her family. And the feelings she can't figure out towards Joe.Joe is broken in finding the right one. He may be fulfilled physically in a way he wants it to be but he is in need of somebody who not only knows him on the outside but as well in the inside. He may be successful in what he does but he has proven that money really can't buy true happiness. Sometimes you just got to have the right person to prove it.Broken is a story of two strangers that found themselves in a single bench in a hot noon who became companions with one telling the stories and one who listens. Sadie and Joe meet up once a month, specifically on the first Friday of the Month and there he tells his story about his latest sexual conquest. While Sadie detailing it in her mind and thinking that she was one of those women Joe does. Sadie has, for a very long time now, had a very rough time after her husband's accident that sometimes she feels alone like there is nobody to lift the burden for her and to make her feel loved. Until she finds comfort in Joe by just the stories he tells. He makes her forget the hard life and reality she is facing and to at least in a little amount of time be herself.I never have expected a romance-erotic novel could be this much greater impact in my whole reading experience. It never has a dull moment and never too cliché. It left me broken as well in thinking how messed-up their lives have turned out to be. How sad and lonely one another felt and in needing just the right company to feel special. Megan Hart has a way of creating good, meaningful, full-of-life books that left you thinking how real these characters can be. She has a way of capturing every readers heart as if to think they were their own story. In the end, the whole book makes me sad that even though both of them started all over again, I was not able to see it all and go along their journey. But I wish them much luck and happiness. This is definitely of my favorites that has deeply touched me.