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The Deepest Cut - J.A. Templeton Many readers were saying this was much more scarier than Anna Dressed In Blood, in which I have yet to read and heard had quite tons of good stuff in it. I'm not sure what to expect in Anna anymore because this was anything but scary! I'm not even going to agree whether this was a horror story or an instantaneous romantic build-up between a 16 year old girl and a 200 year old ghost boy, which I thought was skin crawling creepy in this case. I'll get to the creepy part later.I liked how the story began. Where the girl giving the descriptive reasons on why she and her family had to move, when she'd started seeing ghosts and, what prompted her to do physical harm on herself. Sadly, that's just about it and it all happens on the first couple chapters.Admittedly, this story has really great potential given the setting is in bloody Scotland. Added much to our favor was the fact that they lived in a century-old inn that is an hour away from the City and just right across the street is a castle(!). Just think about how awesome the story would have been if mentioned above be put into good use. What I get instead was her uber fixation on the ghost's appearance where she talks on wanting to kiss him and doing so much more which was very wrong - because he is a ghost! And her utter compliance to help Ian, that's the ghost - even if she's told to do nothing but seeing she's pretty stuborn - to free him of the curse of him roaming the living world indefinitely so that he could move to the 'other world'.I have a couple of issues... or more:1. A YA book with very young characters but seems to be intended for mature readers because there's a lot of drinking, stoning, and explicit language involve. This for Shane, Riley's little brother, that's about 14 or 15 years old? And her peers the same age as hers. This was the first thing I noticed. Pretty bad thing. 2. The kick-ass ghost action that I was really looking forward to was non-existent. Even some throwback events on black magic, witchcraft or the lame attempt on being eerie didn't faze me at all. 3. Speaking of witchcraft: So she's very determined to help the ghost in breaking the curse that she starts looking for solutions to do so. Where to look for solutions but in the library of course. She checks out books relevant to ghosts, witchcraft, and dealing with bad spirits. And lucky for her, everything she's searching was in those books with some help of Google which makes it look like a science assignment.4. Laria. I thought she's supposed to be the scary part but her constant mischievous ways doesn't just annoy me but irritate me. She doesn't give justification why she do not want Riley helping Ian. Maybe she has major hang-ups on their failed relationship attempt.5. Ian. He's the creepy part. I don't know whether to swoon over him or be intimidated. Given the fact the he actually stares at other girl's boobs; and touches Riley in any way he can get. He is such a man. Looks to me he's a bad case of a pedophile. But what he lacks in propriety makes up for his very good looks. Or so what the girl keeps telling us. Oh! And he keeps saying he doesn't want Riley to get hurt. But how come Laria always gets her way to hunt her. He's not even true to his word. 6. Riley blames herself over her mom's death and she keeps hoping she could see her ghost and wants to apologize so badly, but sadly she hadn't. She appears by the end of the book which kinda sucks because I was also looking forward to more of her.7. Bad insta-love development!I sounded like I did not appreciate the book, but I did. At some point. You know, when she's not repeating how good looking the ghost and how very much head-over-heels she is. And when he acts so calm about everything when Riley did most of the work in helping him. And not to mention the very obvious cliche at the end.I've been having this thing lately, the 'had I read this much sooner I would've have loved it' scenario. This series applies! This could have been a good ghost story. Like I said, this had potential. So I'll check out the next two books since I already have it. xx