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Turn It Up - Inez Kelley " He taught me that love doesn’t depend on the body but on the heart. He showed me that innocence is just as powerful as passion. He proved to me that forever isn’t a place, it’s a feeling."Turn It Up is your typical happily-ever-after romance with sappy lines and good characterization, though I don't like Charlie that much and I sometimes feel sorry Bastian, still I like this. The two love birds have their own problems to deal with that's why it was hard for them to make the decision straight. But in the end, they got the 'til death to us part' to themselves. Anyway, I rated it 3.5 stars since I enjoyed it and the good thing about this book is that it's not in every chapter you get to read about sex, sec, and more sex. I appreciate how good and well-thought the story was made. ☺