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Noah (5th Street, #1) - Elizabeth Reyes I have never read anything by this author and I thought I'd take a peek so here goes...After: Talk about hearts flashing in my eyes, it was amazing. You would've thought this being an adult-contemporary it will be all about sex, drama, and more sex, well, it was something else. I didn't know it involves hearts, holidays, and doing things you wouldn't thought could work out, yet it did. It was sweet, sentimental, and a substantial 254 page novel. Let's address the elephant in the room - or my case of elephant: Age difference. I don't kid when I say I have qualms when it comes to having an age gap between the romantically involved couple but it does bother me. However, that doesn't stop me from going further only that it's something I can't overlook especially when he and she are bringing it up. But with this, we could say "forget that! Go at it already!". To quote Noah, "Age is but an illusion" The way they seem to be comfortable with each other that led him to live with her (due to some housing issue) was enough for us to see that they could come to terms. Along the way there were bumps, hold-ups and hang-ups - things that would make us think of their relationship not working out - but it was resolved and any doubt answered. Let's just say they're both sensible, charming characters that accepted their own terms and seeing how it goes. "The heart is forever inexperienced."I agree. No matter how much has happened in life, no matter how how much has gained and how far have gone, the heart always feel something new. I think that's the reason we feel different every time we fall in love that it feels incredible. And our lovely couple was no exception despite how they have a different take on life. Noah and Roni, though with the push and pull, they certainly have a connection. With Roni feeling slightly timid and guarded and Noah growing but still acting his age while trying to prove himself makes it all the more genuine. Their attraction were sincere and true and not the "he's-so-hot-I-want-him" or vice versa but with real feelings that affects one when the other is in the room. The kind that misses the other when not seen for about half a day. The one that would absolutely make you blush and swoon and giggle and you're really trying to stop. And dude, the guy can kiss. From cheeks to neck to the lips..left you fanning yourself. Sigh...The story was light but it also tackles about issues, not only with the age difference, but with cheating as well. I think Nellie, Roni's best friend, and her concern regarding her husband plays an essential role in the book. It had Roni ponders the what and how it will go with Noah, altogether with just really dealing about the now escalated controversy. It would have been better if it was talked more about happened after but it was only left at that, with Nellie crying over him. But it was said that the husband was a great ass. Fair game. I liked the story so much and though I haven't read the rest of the series or her other books I think this may be my favorite. I will also try to pick up one from her Moreno Brothers because I see it was a hit. I will definitely continue with the series. I was curious as to how these other guys do and who they end up with. Each of them were fun and I want to see them grow up with an inclined plan up their sleeves. xx