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Stranger - Megan Hart The thing that gets me excited whenever reading Megan Hart's books, aside from its very erotic tangle of limbs, was the fact that the story is filled with substance. One does not read it and obviously know what happens. It takes figuring out while going along the way. Having read Broken last year and Dirty earlier this year, the author retains the consistent eloquence in writing and telling the story. Even from the 3rd book I've read from her, I still don't know what to expect until I finished reading. Her stories doesn't just make me sad and distressing but hopeful and optimistic simultaneously. Grace and Sam have different beliefs. That's what makes them slightly chartered to the lives they desired to have. Since she does not believe in fate and happy endings, he does so otherwise. She lives a life where she's surrounded with death and mourning's, he on the other hand cannot deal with a single goodbye from a love one. Through her job, it lead her to think of no commitments in the light of what she knew would have happened whenever the time comes. I get that she's like that, really. I get that it hits her pretty bad with such unexpected deaths and dealing in consoling the family. And understand why she do what she does. The story...is good. It's not as deep and emotional as her other books I've read but still equally well-written. I love how she makes her characters so natural with flaws and does mistakes once in a while. I agree that she writes books that isn't the typical Adult fiction usually has, with all the chastity and superficiality. Like she takes her readers up for a challenge. Sometimes, it's very thought provoking and doesn't fail you anytime. So, I was very happy with this one. Some characters from Dirty were here! I can't believe how I miss Elle and Dan and Jack so much. I most especially love Jack here. He's changed since then but I haven't really knew him well enough from the previous one. But still, he was a lovely companion to have. I just love it when characters from past stories make an appearance, it makes me nostalgic.