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Damaged Goods - Lauren Gallagher I'd be lying if this story didn't get me worked up and had me teary eyed. As a matter of fact, I find myself almost brought to tears a lot of times. Damaged Goods is a very thought provoking read that with no second thoughts I pulled this as an all-nighter. Better to be my thoughts when I go to sleep - gonna be a very good night's sleep. I'd be pulling some strings here because I seriously didn't expect this to be so good. Beyond amazing to say the least. I'm not much of an adult/erotica reader but a fan nonetheless and I definitely have my fair share of stories that I'd be able to say which were worth the read. Damaged Goods is seriously, no doubt, one of the best adult books among others I've read for a time now that had me feeling awestruck from beginning to end. One must have an open mind on the perspective of this story because it will be a judge-fest with whether or not situations.As mentioned, I've read some adult contemporary but doesn't really leave that much impression to me as how strong I feel for this one. Everything about this books was very real - from the characters, situations, social relevance, personal/relationship growth. What really sets this from others was there's no utter bullsh*it with sugarcoated words or overrated feelings, or fluffy and overbearing scenes. What you get is the real deal. Like how the characters deal with such crucial moment in there lives where there is never a need for some damage control because everyone acts very sensible and reasonable enough that it made us believe they truly are responsible adults who doesn't need a smack of insult from the readers for making unwise decisions. It was very well-written - no arguing on that - and that goes to the entirety of the story. I never, in the first place, thought I would read this because I was afraid of what I might get myself into. The cover is...meh. But what it lack for a more appealing cover really made it up for the awesome story. As much as how anxious I was, I also find myself having a big grin plastered on because I can't stop being so happy. Such a sweet and romantic couple Jocelyn and Austin are.xx