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One Reckless Summer - Toni Blake I hadn't actually noticed but this is the 5th book that I've read from Toni Blake and I just can't seem to stop reading her stories. One, it is very fun and addicting. Two, the characters are somewhat related to one another and it's hard to miss one story out of the series though I've read a book or two of her stand-alone novels and that's what it takes for me to love her as a contemporary-romance author. I know why you may think I read One Reckless Summer just recently but have read the next two books of the series. Well, it just recently came in the mail. Bummer. I know! Anyway, ONE RECKLESS SUMMER is still the very typical Toni Blake romance novel between a "good girl" and a "bad boy" who will end up happily-ever-after. It still has the standpoint to where the guy has the dark past and the girl just have to get it out of their system in order for them to work it out. Well, Jenny Tolliver and Mick Brody is no exception to this theme. Mick has this very dark past that has him leaving Destiny in order to start a new life while Jenny on the other hand had to come back to Destiny in order to get her life together after a very painful event that just had happened to her. And soon their paths crossed and they can't deny the build-up force of on another and turns out that they needed one another more that just the night-stands they did. In the end, the characters are torn on what to do in order to be together and still turns out, they come to terms with one another that they just can't live without the other. Like I said, Happily-Ever-After. :)I usually rate her books a 5 out of 5 but I decided I'd deduct a star because it sorta annoys me that everytime they see each other, the only thing that comes to their mind is just to get laid. Bad! Still, I love Toni Blake's books. And, I haven't even realized that I've been following her Destiny series. Can't wait for the other books to come out. :)xx