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Willing Victim - Cara McKenna Things that piss me of are long, nonsensical books and short, beautiful ones. Unfortunately, this falls to the latter. I really loved Willing Victim but it's ends quick. When I heard this was not a vanilla kind of erotic novel I thought, okay, sure, but I didn't know it was this rough. It was more than I'd expected kind of rough. About 10% or so I was ready to go off running when I realized it's not in my comfort. But heck I enjoyed it, loved it even. It started out in a weird situation for me, but what comes after and goes on was lovely. I admire both their characters so much and quite sadden of the idea that I was almost close to the ending and things were about to pick up. I swear, that kind of incidents vex me yet glad that it made me a strong emotion out of me. I might admit that this made me sentimental (I'm a sucker like that). Both Laurel and Flynn felt real and circumstances rang true. I want this kind of story with so much substance and nonexistent half-assed characters. It's not hard to fall over Laurel and Flynn. Him with his desire to dominate and be in control and her to be dominated and rouged-up. Honestly, this kind of theme is never my thing, for one I don't know how I'd feel to be taken control with or tied-up to helplessness. A friend ones told me that we all have our kinks, only this one's not my kind. But it's always good to read stuffs about it, even stimulating at times but never too eager to try out.