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Saving June - Hannah Harrington Let me start by saying that I am trying to give this book review justice, even if it's hard because it is way to good. But I'm trying. :)So first off, I never expected reading Saving June the way I have read it. At first I though it is an indie, over too emotional, full packed with drama. But well, I wasn't wrong though but I never expected it to be so fun either. Reading this one is like a breath of fresh air. I haven't noticed that I miss reading this kind of books for a very long time and I haven't even realized it until I came across this. It reminds me a lot of Twenty Boy Summer where they deal with the loss of someone they truly love and dealing it differently. And the emotional impact it has is somewhat similar. It also reminds me of the part where both books had the California setting along and the best friend part. There's also a hint of Amy and Roger's Epic Detour with the whole road trip part and yep, a whole lot of detours. The playlist of songs are as well there. I love books with road trips in it. It's like discovering worlds and places formed in your imagination that you know it exists out there with thousands of miles away.I am not entirely favorable with the whole concept of this book, but I honestly say that I love it. What I tried to point out was the part where the involvement of the Almighty was discussed and it's like the author is so not in favor of him. I mean, I have a say to this because I am a Catholic and it's what I believe ever since the day I was born. And I know I got it all messed up but if that was what the book wants to present then I totally get that. We have different faiths and its cool too that it also plays a role in the story and I respect it. I was expecting a lot of emotion about mourning before starting this book but I was surprised that it was presented otherwise. Harper, our heroin, was not much of a "sober" during the death of her sister but that doesn't also mean that she disregarded the whole incident about her death. Instead, she tries to figure out how she could deal with it in her own way and that's where the part of the whole California trip, together with her best friend, Laney, and the mysterious music junkie, Jake, took together. Reading this was so fun, you could easily picture out their personalities even reading the first part of the book. Gosh, it was so hard to explain with all this mixed emotions I've been feeling after I finished it. So there's the whole road trip part, which was so cool because they got to me a lot of people, especially stopping to see this rock band and those kids riding the buggy. This basically is one heck of an emotional ride. At first I was laughing my lungs out then I was sad and teary eyed the next. I honestly cried over the last part with the boat ride and urn thing. I love the relationship between Harper and Laney, you could really see that they love each other and would do anything to one another despite their very opposite personalities. That whatever happens, they always got their back on what ever come what may. It makes you think that they are worth to be best of friends. And then their's Jake. It was a bit hard for me to figure him out at first because he kept this secret stuff with Harper but eventually he came along just fine. I love how much he love music. And not just any music but dead music. Overall, I love the association that is MUSIC. That just adds to the list of why this is one of my favorite books ever. With its sappy romance, full of teen angst, and the importance of the whole family and friends relationship. In general, I.LOVE.THIS.BOOK. I would recommend this in a heart beat!I swear I want to pack up and took the first bus and take me to god-knows-where after I finished this because I was so jealous of the whole adventure thing. I instantly want to drag my own friend along and do our own little trip and have our own little experience. Justifiably, I'm giving this a 5 out of 5 because I totally enjoyed reading this and is now part of my to reread list. And ohh, thank you so much NETGALLY for the arc. I am seriously gonna grab my own copy! :) xx