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The Piper's Son - Melina Marchetta THIS BOOK DESERVES MORE THAN FIVE STARS!Seriously Melina Marchetta, can't you write so beautifully enough? This one got to my CORE. And it expresses a lot of emotions from me which I didn't thought I had. This doesn't just made me think and feel but it also made me realize in so many aspects in myself - that just like Tom, I was amiss with my life. I can't boast enough how amazing this author can be: may it be her fascinating skills on writing or how she captures realism perfectly. Or both. Everything she writes is magic, and it's not even elemental yet. Her books are just awesome that I'm having a hard time getting with it first because she's not just a typical YA author who're vague and cliché. Her works are seriously thought-provoking and has a class on their own.THE PIPER'S SON is one of the books I've been anticipating on reading all my life. But once I finally got a copy, I didn't devour it like my life's depending on it. No. It has to sit on my shelf for five months, then I got the guts to finally pick it out. And I thought this was the right time. It sure was. There are different type of books - depending on how you put it. For me, there are books like Fifty Shades of Grey that's got all the hype but doesn't spark that much interest in me. And there are books life Perfect Chemistry that in all honesty was a very favorite of mine, that I know the story by heart and you'd love to tell people how great it was that they should read it and that you'd want to book chat with them all day regarding how hot Alex was and the story is just so romantic. Then there are books like The Piper Son that is beyond wonderful you kind of can't comprehend what you feel. That you're afraid of what comes out in your mind doesn't justify enough, whether you say it's amazing over and over again. It's the kind of book that doesn't need to get all the hype in the world albeit others thought it to be crappy or dreadful because you want it to be judged otherwise. Sometimes, you just need the right people for the right kind of things. The story was very great and the complexity was amazing. It happened years after Saving Francesca. I'm not much of a flashback fan myself but this broke a barrier in me. The characters, each and every one of them, you'll love for your life. It makes me feel nostalgic after reading them again. The protagonists here are Thomas Finch Mackee, he is kind of hard to miss from the previous book. He reminds me how funny and smart he was back then. But his life took a wrong turn and he's trying to rebuild it right. And there was his Aunt Georgie, whom we get to know closely in this book. She is a sweetheart. And I always find myself looking forward to Georgie and Sam together because I know that inside her hard shell lies a very soft spot and beyond his all-business manner is actually a very loving partner and father. My heart rips for the all of them. They struggled a lot after the loss they shared a love with. They both, faced a hard reality, Tom and Georgie, on grief and acceptance that everything they get to build for there lives came crashing the next moment. I'm never really good at being to emotional. I suggest you read the book and break down along with me. The amount of sadness and contemplation you get levels to tons of humor it has. Believe me, this was so funny, I was belly laughing the whole time. Tom is a remarkable character. I love him and it saddens me that his life ended in words but he's still living in my heart and mind. THIS HAS BEEN ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I'VE READ SO FAR!XX