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A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole I love Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series though this is the 4th book I've read from her, considering this is the first book in the series. I've been anticipating A Hunger Like No Other for a long time now, after knowing what it was about. I kind of had a thing for a little damsel-in-distress and a domineering male.The beginning was very good that I actually got invested to it. It starts with Lachlain, the King of the Lykae Clan, tortured and trapped in the Vampire Horde for a very long time. Then he smelled his "mate" and figured he just had to get to her and bring her to his place. Sounds romantic. But this Lachlain is not what you really thought as the prince charming type--kind and pleasant--but just exactly the opposite. And very much opposite to his mate, Emmaline. Emma was raised but the Valkyrie since she was left from her mother. Though she's half-vampire and half-valkyrie, she is very sweet and gentle, not the type that could kill-a-bug kind of lady. And since Lachlain is very determined to get his mate and mark her, he'd do anything--and that means everything--just to be his mate. And so the story lead up to a lot of revelations, blood-battle, and a little bit of love making. I could go on but I'd hate to spoil you. What I admire about the series is though the characters are very historical, the events are really relate-able because of their modern-day living. I was seriously shocked by the mention of iPod and other latest devices. And Ms.Cole doesn't fail to make me laugh. This series is very funny and enjoyable that you'd want to love every character. I'm just glad I wasn't disappointed for having high hopes for this book, since the other books from the series haven't failed me either. This is my kind of book if you want an easy and entertaining read. xx