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Fixing Delilah - Sarah Ockler After her debut novel, Twenty Boy Summer, I know that I'm gonna love her other books. Without a doubt, Sarah Ockler writes beautifully. It's nice to know that after an amazing and very emotional ride with her first book, delivering the second one is still what I was expecting of her. Fixing Delilah may be your typical dysfunctional family story but what I love about it is how real the characters are and how emotionally driven and moving it is in between. It just had the right amount of laughter, grieving, sadness and romance and it is exactly what I love in a book.The story starts off where Delilah and her mom went back to Vermont after her grandmother died. There, kept a lot of untold secrets that had Delilah a lot of unanswerable questions. About her Aunt Steph's death, her grandmother not communicating to them, and the truth about her father. Basically, it's about how broken their family is. The story kicks off after Delilah found the diary that starts to unravel things. This may tell you it's all about the family dynamics but there is a long gone friendship that have been built again with her childhood friend Patrick who turns out to be "the guy". I know I shouldn't be gushing over him but truth be told, he turns out to be amazing for me. I love how he puts up with Del on how lost she was with herself that he is just there. for. her.You can tell if it is written exceptionally well if the book gets to you, seeps inside you, turns you over inside out without you even noticing it. That you feel boldly what the characters have been feeling. xx