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Chain Reaction - Simone Elkeles I can't believe I just finished reading the last installment of the Perfect Chemistry Series :( This sure is one heck of an emotional ride to read. Too many things to discover and secrets to be reveled. This is so not what I have expected for this one, but turns out to be in a very good way.Chain Reaction is so very different from its two previous books, that I can tell. Perfect Chemistry tells the story about Alex and Brittany and their building and developing love to each other after they got paired up at chemistry class. Their story is somewhat cheesy that you get to swoon over and over ones you read it over and over. It doesn't have too many cusses in their dialogue which Ms.Elkeles kept to be more PG. And it leaves you totally breathless and in love after reading it. Totally a great book. While in Rules of Attraction, it still has the same cheesiness and the progress of Carlos and Kiara's love attraction to one another. I know it's not that much swoon-worthy and is obviously much less "dirty"(yes, because the Fuentes brothers want to get down and dirty with their chicas) compared to the first book. But with Chain Reaction it was very different. Well, at first you could see the theme that Simone put from the first two books are still there. The meet-a-new-heroine-and-fall-in-love-in-the-end and all. But there.was.this.huge.turn.of.events that I didn't realize and I pretty much know that some of you were surprised as well. The twist was a shock, really! I never thought that was gonna happen. And as much as I want to tell you and gush too much about it, i prefer for the readers to find it out for them selves! ☺ But all I can say is that this is such a very good ending in the Perfect Chemistry trilogy. And ohh my, I even cried at the part that one of my admired character DIED! I know! I was suddenly into tears when I read he died. He was so good and I even saw a potential in him. :( But enough of that, it was still a good story that I really hate to let go let alone be over with. The Fuentes really left a soft spot for me and I instantly fell in love with them. They are truly a good example of a bad-boy with a happy ending. And the epilogue, well I also didn't expect that to happen. This book also shows the importance of family sticking together till the end no matter what happens.In the end, I was sad this was coming to an end. That I what I was dying to read during the summer was finally done. THIS SERIES IS TOTALLY ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I EVER READ OF ALL TIME! Thank you Simone Elkeles for sharing such wonderful stories to relieve a lifetime. For opening our hearts and making me realize that no matter what happened, family is always there even if you didn't expect them too. And goodbye to the best bad boys in town, ALEX, CARLOS, and LUIS! ♥♥♥