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Split - What would you feel when your father beats the crap out of your mother and all you ask her is to leave him and start a new life, but it turns out she doesn't want to leave?Well, that was Split all about. This tells a story about Jace Whitherspoon and how his father has been a bastard, yup, a very mean bastard (pardon for the foul lang). The story opens up with Jace arriving at Christian's apartment, his brother. And apparently they haven't seen or hear about each other for 5 years since he left because, yeah you guessed it, his father beat him too. And know Judge Whitherspoon, his father is after Jace as well. Split is be definition is described in this book. Not in a straight forward way but one that just figures it out as it goes along. The story is fast-paced and surely a page turner. It details about what horrible things their father did, especially with their mother. How awful it is, when you think your father does that to your mom in front of you. But yeah, I also haven't realized the very important question to ask, Why is he beating her in the first place?. That got me to thinking that maybe she does thing adulterated but it wasn't expounded in the book though. But basically this story about the two brothers anyway. The brothers that grown a special place in my heart.Christian and Jace's relationship with each other truly develops out of love. It is such a relief to think that despite the years of being apart, they still get the feeling of longing and familiarity with one another. I adore Christian's calm and composed personality even when the room gets hot. How he was able to understand and adjust to Jace and just be the big brother that he was. The romance though in this story is not very much present in each chapter. But once you read why it was hard for Jace to make a move on Dakota, well it's because of his unforgivable past. And that was well presented in this book. I haven't even thought Jace could do that.Over all, the book is so good. One because it is from a male's POV, and i love a male's POV so much. Second because it shows the importance of having a family even if it's between two people. I also love those other characters that help build Christian and Jace through out this and how they are part of the brothers lives.