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Cinder (The Lunar Chronicles Series #1) - I've experienced some versions of this from historical fiction to contemporary; even from the original animated movie to sappy modern retelling flick; and now to dystopia. However this story is told, what everyone's getting is still the Cinderella story gist. And however it is told, I'm always going to like it. Always. Cinder has been spending a long time from my shelf now that I'm afraid its pages will soon turn yellow and I haven't yet read it. So Cinder is an android, a mechanic, a stepsister, a lunar. There, I said it. She fixes haywired robotics or little tech stuffs and restores dead mechanisms, which I find very cool. I say this is somehow a complex kind of fairy tale. Not the usual 'go-to-the-ball-dance-til-midnight-get-back-to-the-rags-with-you' kind, but more like 'need-to-go-to-the-ball-and-save-the-earth' kind of story. It's kinda kickass when our little known princess will be saving the whole humanity.The setting, New Beijing, is a futuristic place where everything is chip programmed and cars are nonexistent(unless you found them deep in the junkyard) and only hovers fly you around the city. They've been plagued with the disease called, wait for it...'Plague' which seems to have no cure. Earth and Lunar are definitely not in friendly terms since forever but after the death of the Emperor, this Lunar Queen decides to pay respects and strike some alliance. When the hunt for the lost princess is still on the trail, this infamous Queen will do it's power to take over the world. While that's probably a brief point about the evil plan, it's time we talk about the prince. It's always a call to talk about the prince. So, Prince Kai is charming. He's fun, pleasant, sweet, and pretty.. okay, handsome. When he met Cinder the first time at the market, I think he was instantly smitten with her, in a good way. And our little heroine here also feels the same. Other focus of this story, aside from the hostile planet take over and a hint of an upcoming war, is the romance. Fairy tale is not without the mushy, fluffy feeling we get from the would be couple. Connection between Prince Kai and Cinder was well played. it was not instant and not sluggish but the right amount of pace. Cinder is worth the read. The idea is quite original for I have not read anything like it. An android badass herione=awesome. Though the story is fairly predictable, it still kept me up all night to get almost three-fourths of the book. It was entertaining and a little suspenseful but not much to make your heart beat fast. It is also quite a cliffhanger when the big reveal was uncovered in the end. Even if I practically knew about her not halfway through the book I was still excited to know what it'll be the effect no her. This story is told so many times and in so many ways but the idea will always be the same."Oh, my stars! Think about Prince Kai! You could dance with Prince Kai!""Why would the prince dance with me?""Because you won't have grease on your face this time.""So. That's your stepmother?""Legal guardian.""Right, my mistake. She seems like a real treasure."