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The Fairest Beauty

The Fairest Beauty - 3.5. I always enjoy a little retelling, especially when it's about stories that I greatly knew about and grew to really love. The Fairest Beauty was no exception as it was a story of the classic tale, Snow White. "...her skin, pure and perfect as new-fallen snow; her eyes, the bluest blue; and her hair, black as ebony ans silky as waterfall."I'm pretty sure everybody is well acquainted with this story enough to see the events with your eyes closed so I'm not gonna drag on what the story was about, however, I will tell you that this turned slightly at a different curve than what we know. Perhaps one of its highlights were the development of these two characters with each other. Sophia, the poor orphaned, has seen the light of day when Gabe, a soon-to-be duke, came to save her from what was an attempted murder that was waiting to happen (not new there), ordered by the vain, evil queen (not new there either). But what was suppose to be a quest for saving find themselves unable to spare their feelings to one another.So as the story goes, so does their growing attraction. I may not agree that what they see in each other were their outer beauty, as they kept on repeating how good-looking the other are, and with limited reference to chivalry and dedication, but soon enough I've grown used to it. So I understand that this, first and foremost, is a love story. Whatever was bound to happen, both Sophia and Gabe will ride off into the sunset together, despite what was intended to happen. You'd be surprised how brave and unrelenting they both were - in some cases where she was really standing up for herself, and he finds himself under her care and protection. You could really see Gabe's development through out the story on how much he wants to prove himself, not only to his family, but also to him. The way he'd grew up in a different lifestyle, one more relaxed and fun, to a more responsible role was incredibly admirable.In all fairness I did enjoy this retelling. It did not stray to the original idea but somehow manage to put a different, yet a more appropriate, twist into the story. I guess I was a bit surprised with the constant call of the Almighty that I then realized it was Christian novel, quite religious. It was definitely appropriate. Although I would have liked it more had everything was more explored such as the Seven. Such a shame I didn't know more about them.