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Hot Finish (Fast Track Series)

Hot Finish - Erin McCarthy This is the 3rd book of the Fast Track series with the characters we know and love from the previous books, Ryder Jefferson and Suzanne Hickey Jefferson. I kinda like this one basically because I love Ryder so much. He's such a good guy and totally loves Suzanne a lot even after those 2 years that they had a "presumed divorce". I like how he puts up with her so much when she's being mean and such a bitch sometimes to him when all he did was care about her. So, I kinda don't like Suz sometimes cause she's all has this self-pity issues she has but then I understand that when she elaborated about where she came from and the hardships she's been through. Overall, I love this book. Still looking forward to the next books in this series! :)