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Brother's Keeper - Elizabeth Finn Oh boy, this author can write; and she writes hot and good! I'm torn on what my rate would be. I loved it most of the time, however there are points where I don't feel well with; so I'll settle with 3.5 stars. I managed to read this in one sitting and somehow can't put this book down. I enjoyed it a lot.I am trying to understand that this is a romance novel, an Adult-Erotic-Romance novel no less so that's basically what I solely expect. I guess I can safely say that this is Adult due to such strong, provocative content. Everything else thrown in the mix were there to create substance and function to the story. Brother's Keeper focuses on Rowan and Logan's development throughout the story. So through the blurb, we see what most likely would happen. What I did not expect was the good monologues and dialogues the characters give. I was kinda taken aback when one moment I was reading Rowan's full and powerful voice when I am suddenly in a different scope that is Logan's thoughts. I was kind of surprised why the necessary dual point of view when we can make do of the heroine's. But I realize how much I love Logan's angle. At first, all he thinks about was doing Rowan, not in a crude, malicious way, but with ardor and longing. The way he convey his feelings and thoughts was so impressive. He's an emotional and considerate man. I could really want a man like him.Rowan and Logan are threading in their forbidden love, in which neither can get enough of. Heck, even I can't get enough of. You could really see the connection they evoke, the passionate way they show each other was, you could say, titillating? Yes! I believe Logan's change in feeling for Rowan was when he finally saw her not as his younger sister's bestfriend but the young woman she grew up to be. Together with that unexpected night they find in each other's arms, the attachment is charged and inevitable. Somehow, this book reminds me of Rebecca Donovan's Reason to Breath, but in a more mature and tangible effect. With good character build-up and deep, thorough plot, this was a sure win.The scenes. The never-ending fanning of myself. Logan's awesome, dirty mouth. Sigh. I could really use to have a man like him. The pleasure he brings was incredible to a degree! And oh the things he could really do with his fingers and tongue. I don't remember how many times he goes down on her, in every way possible, in each way he could get. And yes I admit that he had me hot and bothered. Damn, this man was amazing. But above all that, he's a true romantic. I never thought I'd say this but I wish this was a series because I can't get enough of Logan!Elizabeth Finn, you are fucking awesome. I would definitely recommend this to those who want a good love story.