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Flesh - Kylie Scott I never expected this to be as equally fun with other zombie books I've read because hello... it's adult erotica -- if you're leaning more on the action. One thing I've learned about erotic books is that they're more sexy and less plot, in which I have no complain if you're wantin' some hot lovin'. Just to be clear, our protags are not zombies. In fact, they're most definitely alive who enjoys orgy. Note that these are a lady gone out of hiding from an attic; a middle-aged dude that vows to protect said lady; and a hot police officer who develops attraction to again.. said lady. Just imagine the love/hate of these boys in want possession with the girl. But it turns out totally different. Kinkiness, when it comes to sexual activity, kind of bothers me for the reason that I think it's radical. Being a huge believer in monogamy, I should have despised the thought of having two partners but given their circumstances, not only did I make an exception but the portrayal -- their attachment among another -- is worth the sexy endeavor they have. The point that Ali depends so much on Daniel and Finn exterminates the idea of choosing which a more suitable companion. I love to think of them less being a jerk and a lot more aggressively dignified. On to the story. So I said I didn't expect much action and adventure given erotic reference. Again, this took me by surprise. Despite this being an adult book, the zombie adventure reads more of a Young Adult with all the running, screaming, hiding, and fighting for survival. The story doesn't stray about what and how a post-apocalyptic, zombie infestation should have. So surprise, surprise that I really enjoyed this one so much! It's fast-paced with equal parts adventure and hot romance like other YA-P/A stories out there. I'm not surprised that the author is Australian because their form of writing is very good and them being an exceptional story teller. The love scenes (yes, love!) is very romantic and sweet so another surprise there. And now that I think about it, what's hotter with a sexy man doing you but two of them. Oh, so much pleasure! xx