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The Secret of Ella and Micha - Jessica Sorensen I harbor this habit of not doing a review soon and I end up forgetting or just lazy enough to do so. Anyway... I put this under a shelf I just added, "new-adult", since I see that I'd be reading more of this new genre. I call this one: Love at first sight. The cover just screams 'Sexy ahead! Read now!'. I am always a sucker for sensual-red lips cover. Okay, enough with the fetish.I am sure everybody will enjoy The Secret of Ella and Micha. A short read with a dose of drama and heavy sexy innuendo. If you're up for more romance and less drama then this one's for you. If you think you can handle it, then go for it.The story was actually good, though a bit commonplace. I really enjoy stories about troubled teens and on what/how they end up doing with their lives. Ella and Micha are no different. Both living under an afflicting past in which they just want an out. Ella decided to move on with her life after a tragic incident that have her holding a grudge to her self, while Micha was apparently left behind and spent the time looking for his childhood friend and trying to bring her back to him and to be who she really was. Ella changed a great deal after the long time she'd been away. The tough-chick was now the totally composed and controlled girl that would not resolute with trouble. I find her former character agreeable. I am not opposed to bad-assed chick because that is what I have been used to in books but a little change in disposition wouldn't hurt anybody.For a bad boy, the name Micha is kinda cute. I think it's quite manly in an adorable way. Not that any guy wants to be labeled adorable, so just don't tell him I said so. *wink, wink*. It's not hard to picture Micha because basically he is your typical bad boy next door. Throwing parties, hitting on girls and, well this is a first... he drag races! I don't know what else is Hot than a guy who drag race. Another thing, I am a sucker for the Fast and Furious films and Paul Walker so you can just imagine how much I squeal. Just for a little bit. This book just sends rays of sexual tension everywhere. For a second there I stop and fan myself. A little warning: this deals with really Mature content. Everybody keeps saying this book is "Hot" so I stick with that description. Thoughts? I enjoy it a lot. If you want a quick trip to dramaville with a highway of fun, this is also a good choice. Can't say anything more, just that - I like it and I'll read the series because there are tons of good stuff in here that I seem to cannot enumerate anymore because I am getting suckier with my review. :) On other related news: I am excited to know that there will be a second book. On other related-related news: I am more excited of the companion book. I like the secondary characters. xx