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Captive in the Dark - C.J. Roberts Oh my, where to start? Hmmm...First off, I was dreading to read this book in very long time, and now I was given a very huge privilege to be able to catch a glimpse of this. And I was literally hopping like a bunny on how happy I was to read it! :)Captive in the Dark is a story about a boy name Caleb and a girl name Olivia "Livvie", who both have the same dark and lonely past. They both suffer about being neglected and used to the point that it breaks them to pieces, nearly their sanity. While Caleb has one mission, and one mission alone, that is to have revenge to the man whom he haven't even met yet, in order to do the one person who has been there for him in his dark times a favor. To where he owes his life fully. Livvie on the other hand has been dealing with a lot of stuff on her own. Largely with regards to her mother and how she wanted to be accepted and be able to please her. Livvie has been struggling a lot on how she just wanted to blend in and just be like the other teenagers like her, for her to live a normal life. But then it all changed when Caleb and Olivia crossed paths that it screamed danger. Not just to one but to the both of them. Captive in the Dark is one emotional roller coaster ride that even you could feel like you're being sucked in the story. You would really feel for both characters and understand that what they are now is because of what they had dealt with in the past, and I tell you it was never simple, never easy. You could really feel that at one time you would love this character, then hate him to the bones, then to adore him the next. Yep, that's you Caleb! I.SIMPLY.LOVE.THEM.BOTH. I love their push and pull with each other. In a very cute way. It reminds me of how much I miss romance sometimes. So the ending was a bit of a huge cliffhanger that you just knew there would be a part two. I KNOW, NOTHING GETS COOLER THAN A SECOND BOOK! I am now scratching to get my hand on the second book coz I just can't wait to know what would happen. I sometimes think of my own ending though, on how I would like them end. Not with a bang but with a whimper.I love this book so much. It's totally not cliché. The writing style is simply brilliant. It's not too sappy, too emo, but deep in a very good way. The way you get to see and understand both perspective is so cool. I so love Olivia's voice where she has this sarcasm in her that never fails to crack me up everytime. She is vulnerable and weak on the outside but on the inside, she's one tough-smart-bad ass chick. And despite the rough times she'd gone through, she's managed to pull her self back up. Ata girl! While Caleb, hmmmm, well sometimes I despise him in what he did to Livvie. But still, he's one gorgeous dude that I don't wanna pass up. And he's strong, and caring, and kind, and all too lovable. I say my thanks to the wonderful CJ ROBERTS on creating such outstanding and emotionally-driven story. It truly inspires me to live my life to the fullest because you might not know when your downfall will be. Thank you very much for sharing your work to the world. Thank you so much! :)P.S. While reading this I kept hearing Enchanted by Taylor Swift in my mind and it seems suitable though. Cute. :)xx