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Edenbrooke - Julianne Donaldson What is the essence of Romance?Is it finding yourself blissfully content?Pleasantly written true, passionate, long love letters?Being with your beloved?Or subtly and confidently charming his way to her heart?My face grew hot at the look he cast me from under his lashes. "Ah, there it is," he said. "I've missed your blush this past half hour."I glared at him. "I think you do that on purpose." He chuckled. "What?""Make me blush.""It's the easiest work I've ever done," he said shamelessly. "And the most enjoyable."If you say 'Yes, yes, yes, and yes!', then this lovely, wonderful, and utterly romantic novel is for you. Oh, you guys! I am seriously liking this story so much! It's about this young free-spirited, tough girl who goes to visit her sister over the summer but then meets this dashing, impeccable dude who's surprisingly something. They had an unfortunate encounter at the wrong time so obviously they had doubts among each other. But everything gets better after that! This young 'couple' was so fun when they're trying to figure out what they feel with each other. Then there's misfortunes they had to get pass through, and secrets they were about to discover. Really, I could care less about the story because I am gravely smitten over Philip! *sigh*Edenbrooke is clearly not your typical historical romance. It's sweet, innocent, genuine, and unadulterated among other things. This lacks the subsequent aggressive nature between lovers they show towards each other. In short: no sexy times here. Only if you consider Sir Philip's smoldering gaze sexy, then that's an exception. The author is a fan of the works of Jane Austin and seeing that her novels are so chaste it maybe, kinda, you know... lame if you put your readers on their toes. But I love Jane Austin nonetheless! But what she (Julianne Donaldson) did here was bringing it up a notch without the ever present grunting and manhandling your lover(which by the way is sometimes sick).The story is quite simple. If you're a fan of romance novels then you'd quickly know how the flow of the story goes. And it's up to you whether you're delighted with it or not. And lately I've experienced both -- good and bad. When I choose to read Edenbrooke, I was unprepared for the flawless idea. The characters are righteous all through out. Their exemplary disposition just shows that even the story may be for a clean romance novel, they could make it striking than what's used to. If I've learned something about Marianne and Philip it's that romance is tender, pure, innocent, affectionate, and unselfish. I know this is super cliché but when it comes to the matter of the heart, you gotta follow it. Gah! Philip is turning me all too mushy, and I'm not even like this!I am definitely looking forward to this author's other works because she writes so good that it makes your heart beat fast and your insides flutter. They're just so darn sweet. xx