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Defying the Odds - Kele Moon 'He hadn't spent a lifetime pushing women away only to be taken down by a piece of pumpkin pie.'3.5 stars. This story made me cringe in sympathy; and that's a good thing! Probably all through out the book, I find myself saying, "Aww, honey", a bunch of times because I really felt Melody's dedication to work her butt off for living. And with Clay there, witnessing that first hand was genuinely sorrowful. Yes, this has a couple of broken characters, yada, yada. But what surprised me more was how the emotions of these characters run deep that it practically flows right through you. The sense of her being broken felt raw and real. (By the way, you don't go parading saying you're 'broken' because that's just...gah! "I can't do this right now", or "Maybe we could start off knowing each other" would have been fitting). She lives in constant fear that her past might catch up to her. And Clay. (Aww, sweet, sweet Clay) Dude, you are awesome! Best wishes, Anna. Seriously, the irony of him being a heavyweight fighter and meeting Melody was really fun. While she was on the run of something destructive, he, on the other hand, grew on what he does best. These two are really great together. Defying the odds was fun, sweet, and so freaking SEXY. Did I mention it was SEXY? Yes, it was scorching HOT. I think I want my own Clay right now, thank you very much. Nothing beats awakening your desire but with an intimidating gentleman. *This was a Read Now on netgalley so I downloaded it, read it in one sitting, and now I am contemplating about having my own sexy time with John Cena. Don't judge me. xx