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Graffiti Moon - Cath Crowley I have no idea where to start with this review. I didn't even thought of reading and finishing this book today. But to start off, I was very glad tat I got a copy of this one in my mail! yeaaaay! I was so happy I was literally jumping with joy! :)So basically, I was wondering about the rave this book has, on how good it was so I had to have and read this. And I just cannot tore my eyes in my computer screen (got the copy as an ebook) just before going to school and had to get back straight home after my class. The story is very beautiful. Truly a Young Adults novel. I really never doubt about Aussie books because they are really good though I've only read about 3 books but still, Aussie authors had their writing styles very cute that you want to finish it one sitting. I really love the story so much. On how semi-romantic it is and how very close to reality it may be. This is told in alternating voice which I really love because you get to hear both perspective of the character. I like how you get to read through their different thoughts in a particular moment. Okay, so I practically am lost for words doing this review because this is very spontaneous of me. All I can say is that I really love this so much! That I am ordering it in my local bookstore to have a personal copy of this one. :D I really wish I could say a lot more but gahhhd, I'm totally swept off. This is so awesome. All about arts, literature( which are both of my favorite topics), love, friendship and family. You practically have it all. So for anyone who hasn't read this yet, get a copy now and go read it ASAP! *Thanks a lot to the publishers of Graffiti Moon for allowing me to read your advance readers copy. :)